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Electric Mazda to Hit Market in 2020

First Electric Mazda Due Out Next Year In 2016, Mazda announced plans to release an electric car line by 2019. However, this didn’t happen. Despite every indication the industry was headed in a sustainable direction, the company committed to gas-power vehicles. Now, this is changing as the first electric Mazda is due out in 2020. […]

India Manufacturing to be Li-Ion Leader

India Manufacturing Sector Strives to be Li-Ion Production Leader It’s no secret the world’s energy needs are changing. Indeed, more than ever, governments and corporations demand sustainable solutions. As a result, the global energy sector is involving. In keeping with the times, India manufacturing vies to become a leader in lithium-ion battery production. READ: India EV […]

Gold Uses in the Modern Economy

A Look at Gold Uses After Ultra Lithium Enters the Sector This week, Ultra Lithium announced the acquisition of 3 gold exploration licenses in Argentina. This move is significant; gold is officially the second commodity we explore. However, this doesn’t affect our commitment to lithium. Furthermore, it doesn’t change our identity as a go-to clean […]

Alexa EV Integration Championed by Rivian

Virtual Assistants on the Road with Alexa EV Integration Nearly 25% of American homes have a smart speaker. Evidently, there is public buy-in around virtual assistants. American automaker Rivian has taken notice. Consequently, the company invests in Amazon Alexa EV integration. Reportedly, it will roll out with the company’s clean transportation line. READ: Data Cars and […]

Toyota Electric Car Line Due Earlier than Expected

Toyota Electric Car Line to Launch Worldwide in 2025 Most of the world’s automakers have announced electric vehicle plans. Originally, Toyota stated their line of plug-ins would hit the market in 2030. However, this has changed. The company’s executive vice president has announced the Toyota electric car line will debut in 2025. READ: Volkswagen EV Sales […]

Nano One and VW to Make Next-Gen Li-Ion Battery

Volkswagen Teams with Nano One to Create New Li-Ion Battery The world’s clean energy hopes hinge on lithium-ion batteries. Currently, liquid-state Li-Ion batteries power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. Now, Canadian nanotech firm Nano One has teamed with VW to improve on this technology. READ: Lithium Battery AI Accurately Predicts Lifespan After all, the incentive […]

Clean Energy Future: Electric Cars Power Homes

Clean Energy Future: Your Car Powers Your Home Remember when cars got you from A to B, and that was amazing? Evidently, automotive technology has changed transportation. Today, cars are as much of an entertainment tool as they are a transportation medium. Now, in a clean energy future profile, we look at how electric cars […]

Affordable Electric Cars to be Sold by GM

General Motors to Bring Affordable Electric Cars to Market Despite their many benefits, electric cars aren’t cheap. Indeed, plenty of reasons exist to be jealous of your friend who just picked up a Tesla Model 3. After all, one drive behind the wheel of a luxury EV can ruin your appreciation of gas-powered cars – […]

EV Rallies A Growing International Trend

EV Rallies Educate Public, Foster Community Finding like-minded people is easy in the digital age. Indeed, this is the case for electric vehicle owners and enthusiasts. EV rallies pop up everywhere, from London to Canada. READ: Norway Auto: How it Became the Global EV Leader Organized online, EV rallies spread facts about plug-in transportation. After all, […]

Bechtel and GM to Build EV Charging Stations

Bechtel Construction Teams with GM to Build Charging Network Electric vehicles popularize quickly in urban centres throughout North America. However, just 3% of American auto sales are electric. Consequently, there are many hurdles to EV adoption. Price, battery range, and charging station access are among them. As a result, Bechtel constructions and GM have a […]