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Central Banks Help Determine Gold’s Value

Value of commodities – including gold – largely determined by central banks Recently, the value of gold hit a 6-year high. Evidently, 2 major factories made this a reality. Firstly, the China-US trade war. Secondly, the impending recession. However, few investors factor in the effect central banks have on the commodity’s continued surge. READ: Gold Considered […]

Household Battery Market Hurt by EV Adoption

High electric vehicle sales cause household battery market to suffer Electric cars rely on lithium-ion batteries to power their zero-emission engines. Consequently, these batteries charge at increasingly impressive rates. Otherwise, the electric revolution would be a losing battle. As a result, the competing household battery market slowly declines. READ: Peak-Hour Charging a Norwegian Problem Moreover, high-ranking […]

Rising Recession Possibility could Favour Gold

Investors turn to gold amidst rising recession possibility The global economy braces for a downturn. Indeed, only a fool would claim to know how steep the fall will be. Nevertheless, the price of gold hit a 6-year high amidst a rising recession possibility. READ: Gold Price Hits 6-Year High Evidently, investors are scrambling to cushion their […]

Used Electric Cars Becoming Popular

Out with the old, in the with the new as auto buyers turn to used electric cars More than anything, clean transportation is about reducing waste. Indeed, recycling and sustainability are like two peas in a pod. Evidently, the message is slowly hitting the public, as sales of used electric cars steadily increase. READ: Fake […]

Canada Invests $2M in Clean Mining

National focus on sustainable mining practices as Canada invests $2M in initiative Clean energy technology impacts more than just transportation. Indeed, electric vehicles have an invaluable role to play in sustainability projects. However, a recent government initiative sheds light on eco-friendly mining practices, as Canada invests $2M in energy-efficient mining tech. READ: Lithium Brine Mining […]

Alberta EV Numbers Steadily Grow

Slow but steady growth in the Prairies as Alberta EV adoption rises The Canadian province of British Columbia has over 12,000 registered electric vehicles (EVs.) Meanwhile, its neighbour to the east has a fraction of that amount, at 1,300. However, this won’t always be the case, as Alberta EV numbers are up 75% over the […]

Recession Talk Drives Up Gold Price

Gold price goes up as recession talk heats up It appears the price of gold has benefited from the current political climate. Evidently, the trade war between the United States and China has cast uncertainty on key sectors, including technology and finance. However, the price of gold continues to skyrocket as recession talk amps up. […]

German Power Grid Up for EV Challenge

Mass electric vehicle adoption to test limits of German power grid In the coming years, Germany will slowly phaseout fossil fuels. Indeed, the EU powerhouse is poised to become a global clean energy leader. However, the growing German power grid will be pushed to the limit by the national energy overhaul – particularly in the […]

Normal Now Campaign Encourages EV Adoption

Volkswagen rolls out creative ‘Normal Now’ campaign Volkswagen was forced to salvage and remake its image after Dieselgate. Indeed, the German automaker lost plenty of fans after cheating on emissions tests. As a result, it was forced to put $2 billion towards EV awareness. It comes to us in the form of the retro ‘Normal […]