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E-Bikes on the Rise in Cities

Bikeshares Lean on E-Bikes as Popularity Skyrockets Most cities throughout the developed world are built to accommodate cyclists. Granted, the eco-friendly commuting method is only convenient for those living relatively close to the office. However, the rising popularity of E-bikes is making it easier to bike to the office. READ: UK Government to Ban Fossil Fuels […]

South Africa to Enter EV Era

Major Automakers in Talks to Bring Electric Vehicles to South Africa The birthplace of Elon Musk will soon manufacture and consume electric vehicles. However, Tesla is ironically not among the brands exploring the opportunity. Instead, names including Nissan, Volkswagen, and BMW plot to bring EVs to South Africa. READ: New Tesla Battery A Game Changer This […]

Cape Air Orders Electric Planes

Cape Air to Carry Passengers with Zero Emission Planes The transportation industry is largely to blame for climate change. However, the primary culprit is in the sky. Indeed, global aviation easily pollutes more than the automotive industry. Nevertheless, this could change as Cape Air proves to be a trendsetter with a large order for electric […]

Colorado Decarbonizes with Electric Vehicles

Colorado has a Clean Energy Plan that Embraces Emission-Free Transportation In a bid to go green, electric vehicles show promise to Colorado policymakers. Indeed, the famously progressive state’s pioneer mentality goes far beyond being a cannabis legalization pioneer. The home of the Rockies eyes ambitious clean energy targets, and sees zero-emission driving as an invaluable […]

Wan Gang Turns China into EV Leader

Clean Energy Father Wan Gang Spearheads China’s Electric Vehicle Push Both the Chinese governments and its people buy into the hype around electric vehicles. Indeed, China’s smoggy skyline is proof of the need for change. Evidently, China so-called ‘father of the electric vehicle movement’, Wan Gang, is responsible. READ: Electric Vehicle Bubble Grows in China Moreover, […]

Lithium Cell Manufacturing in China

Lithium Cell Manufacturing and the Chinese Behemoth The world needs lithium. Indeed, some countries are more motivated than others to spearhead the global shift to electric vehicles and other clean energy technologies. Foremost is China, whose clean-energy ambitions make it the world’s top lithium cell manufacturer. READ: Emissions in China: 100% EVs by 2030 Evidently, the […]

EVGo and Nissan Expand Fast Charger Network

EVGo and Nissan Add to Expansive US Fast Charger Network As electric vehicles grow in popularity, automakers must make it easier for drivers to fuel-up. Indeed, gas stations greatly outnumber charging stations worldwide. However, EVGo and Nissan are doing what they can to change this. READ: Bechtel and GM to Build EV Charging Stations 200 DC […]

Gold Tech Breakthrough: 2 Atoms Thick

Scientists Achieve Major Breakthrough in Gold Tech Indeed, there is more to gold than its intrinsic value. From computing to medicine, the modern era has a great need for the chemical element classified as Au. Moreover, a major breakthrough in gold tech has the potential to revolutionize how gold benefits society. READ: Gold Stocks Surge Beyond […]

Human Horizons EV Prototype Electrifies

Concept Car by Chinese Human Horizons Revolutionary Nearly 500 electric vehicle startups can be found in China. Furthermore, the country’s central government has arranged the creation of 20 versions of the US’ Detroit Motor City. However, Human Horizons has separated itself from the pack with a new vehicle prototype. READ: Car Design Trends Change with EV […]

Battery Cost Sends Grid Storage into Boom

Falling Battery Cost Fast-Tracks Li-Ion Grid Storage Regrettably, most developed countries still struggle to ween themselves off fossil fuels. However, falling Li-Ion battery cost has made a sustainable alternative more viable. Today, grid storage technology is taking off. READ: New Tesla Battery A Game Changer Essentially, this is the process of storing wind or solar power in […]