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Self-Driving Tesla Vehicles “To Accelerate”

Self-Driving Tesla Vehicles Coming Soon Autonomous vehicles are a touchy subject. Firstly, they’re set to put many people out of work. Nearly 8.7 million Americans drive for a living. Secondly, the technology frightens some. A pedestrian struck by a self-driving Uber validates this feeling. However, self-driving Tesla vehicles are set to pick up steam in […]

Lithium Batteries Power Curiosity Rover

Lithium Batteries Power Curiosity Rover on Mars As of December 2018, the Curiosity Rover has called Mars home for nearly 6 and a half years. However, it’s original mission length was just 2 years. It’s now been on the red planet for 2,335 days. Consequently, many are surprised to believe articles entitled “Lithium Batteries Power […]

Reusing Lithium Batteries Becomes Easier

Reusing Lithium Batteries a Global Priority Most batteries aren’t recycled properly. Globally, this problem is about to become more problematic. As electric vehicles grow in popularity, reusing lithium batteries becomes a priority. This is especially important for lithium-ion batteries. Most consumer electronics are powered by them. Moreover, major automakers enter the plug-in vehicle market. READ: Global Lithium […]

Japanese Solid State Lithium Batteries Debut

Japanese Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries Turn Heads Solid state lithium-ion will soon dominate the global battery market. A safer, more efficient alternative to traditional liquid-state Li-Ion, researchers work tirelessly to develop the technology. Meanwhile, a Japanese solid state battery has been created. However, TDK‘s new creation won’t power electric vehicles. Instead, it will power home appliances. READ: Solid-State […]

EU Emissions Policy Benefits Electric Vehicles & Lithium Batteries

EU Emissions Policy Tightens Up Europe takes carbon emissions very seriously. Consequently, environment ministers aim to reduce 2030 car and truck emissions by 30%. Furthermore, the new EU emissions policy aims for an additional 5% reduction. Global transportation is primarily responsible for climate change. However, not all developed countries have introduced policies for change. Case in […]

Solar Powered Car Project with Lithium Battery Charges Up

Solar Powered Car Project a Gamechanger Soon, charging your car with a lithium batter will mean parking it outside. This is Dutch startup Lightyear‘s goal, to eliminate the need for charging stations. Consequently, its solar powered car project sends excited ripples through the EV world. The plan is simple: build solar power into the car. By […]

Nano Sponge Lithium Ion Battery A Revelation

Nano Sponge Lithium Ion Battery Improves Performance Dutch organization RGS has made a major breakthrough. The discovery will rapidly improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries. Called E-magy, a nano sponge lithium ion battery reduces charge-cycle swelling. Consequently, battery power and efficiency are greatly improved. Ultimately, storage capacity is increased by 50%. This allows vehicles to travel […]

Apple Electric Vehicles: Will They or Won’t They?

Apple Electric Vehicles Likely to be Realized It’s no secret that Apple has automotive aspirations. Consequently, the company just hired droves of former Tesla employees. Recently, it hired Senior Designer Andrew Kim, a move that suggests Apple electric vehicles will soon hit the market. However, there are endless barriers to entry. Even for a trillion-dollar firm […]

24M Semisolid Batteries a Game Changer

24M Semisolid Project Raises $24 Million The transportation industry is changing. Granted, the transition from combustible engines to plug-in vehicles seems slow. However, a major technological breakthrough is ready to accelerate the process. Consequently, 24M Semisolid lithium-ion batteries will soon be realized. Granted, this isn’t a self-explanatory statement. Let’s break it down. Research firm 24M recently […]

EV Adoption Influenced by Social Groups

EV Adoption about more than Technology When it comes to EV adoption, the public rarely agrees. First, there’s the camp who believes this whole ‘clean energy thing’ is a phase. To them, using recycled laptop batteries to power your home is trendy. READ: Recycled Laptop Batteries Power the Future Second, there are idealists. This group envisions a […]