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Nevada Lithium & America’s Clean Energy Hopes

Nevada Lithium Project looks Promising

Tesla’s largest project to date is under construction in Nevada. This isn’t because electric vehicle manufacturers have a weak spot for sin city. Instead, the largest supply of Nevada lithium is found just 150 miles north of the Gigafactory.

Lithium is used to power electric vehicles. The lithium-ion batteries powering these cars – including the record-breaking Model 3 – are improving in both affordability and charge. Consequently, easy access to the United States’ largest lithium mine would give the automaker a major competitive edge.

nevada lithium-tesla gigafactoy-tesla

Test Results Delight at Nevada Lithium Project

MGX and Belmont are currently surveying the area, drilling into the lithium-rich aquifers in the Nevada desert. Similar to the mining conditions found in Argentina, the desert region has the ideal climate needed to support lithium.

Encouraging test results have emerged. As a result, the next few weeks are expected to provide concrete evidence of lithium-rich brines. If this is true, America could become self-reliant on a very important resource. A resource needed to power all clean energy technologies.

Meeting Huge Demand for Lithium

This project is incredibly important for a number of reasons. Foremost, it would solidify America as a lithium power. Currently, most of the world’s lithium is found in the Lithium Triangle. The South nevada lithium-brineAmerican region spans Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

However, China has emerged as a threat in the global lithium conquest. The communist state now owns over half of the world’s existing lithium reserves. Also leading the world in electric vehicle adoption, China’s clean energy actions dwarf those of its western rivals. Lithium-enriched brine in Nevada would even the playing field.

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