eu emissions policy

EU Emissions Policy Benefits Electric Vehicles & Lithium Batteries

EU Emissions Policy Tightens Up

Europe takes carbon emissions very seriously. Consequently, environment ministers aim to reduce 2030 car and truck emissions by 30%. Furthermore, the new EU emissions policy aims for an additional 5% reduction. Global transportation is primarily responsible for climate change. However, not all developed countries have introduced policies for change. Case in point: the United States has removed itself from 2015’s Paris Treaty.

eu emissions policy

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Meanwhile, Europe has set an interim target of 15% by 2025. Ultimately, the EU targets 40% less emissions than 1990 levels. The Paris Climate Accord includes this goal.

Transportation Policies for the Modern Era

Such news is a huge boon to electric vehicle advocates. Major automakers – including VW – must now speed up their EV line to meet EU emissions policy requirements.

However, the policy is not restricted to independent transport. Austrian minister of sustainability and tourism added: “From 2025 onwards, new trucks and buses will emit on average 15% less CO2. And from 2030, they will emit 30% less CO2. This is part of our efforts to decarbonize the road transport sector and an important step towards achieving the goals we have agreed under the Paris Agreement. The rules agreed today mean that between 2020 and 2030 we will emit 54 million tons of CO2 less, which corresponds to the total yearly CO2 emissions of Sweden.”

Furthermore, a major financial penalty will meet manufacturers who fail to comply. Ultimately, CO2 levels throughout Europe are set to plummet.

The Lithium Market Benefits

eu emissions policy

The electric vehicle industry is just getting started. However, world leaders (including President Trump) have threatened the industry’s growth. The US Federal government threatens to repeal EV subsidies. Meanwhile, major automanufacturers announce plans to enter the market. Dyson electric vehicles will soon be a reality. Furthermore, Apple may introduce its own EV line.

Consequently, clean energy technologies benefit. Lithium-ion battery usage skyrockets. As a result, so does interest in mining and exploration operations. When the public and private sectors combine to force social change, that change is imminent. As battery technologies improve, the combustible engine will soon go the way of the dinosaur.

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