Mini electric cars

Mini Electric Cars Coming to United States

American Market to Introduce Mini Electric Cars

In China, mini electric cars are all the rage. Over 2,000 units were purchased in 2017 alone. Consequently, their $1,000 price tag lured those working on job sites and industrial parks. After all, these NEVs (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles) aren’t known for their speed.

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Mini electric carsHowever, mini electric cars are ideal for areas where speed isn’t a priority. Furthermore, some automakers believe there’s a large potential market in the US. Meanwhile, analysts believe NEVs satisfy the needs of many living in high-density areas. Additionally, farmers are primed to benefit.

As a result, China’s Kaiyun Motors will offer its ‘Pickman‘ to American consumers in 2019. The little slice of convenience will go for $8,950.

Making Clean Transportation Affordable

Unfortunately, these vehicles take 10 hours to charge. Moreover, its top speed is just 28mph.  However, its 450kg storage capacity will sway consumers to take the leap. It’s important to note that NEVs aren’t competing with traditional flatbed trucks. Instead, this untapped American market appeals to both pragmatists and the eco-conscious.

Currently, only the upper-class has access to electric vehicles in North America. Regrettably, luxury and sustainable living go hand-in-hand. Market experiments like the Pickman could help change this.

Electric Cars Increase Lithium Use

Mini electric carsFor starters, larger automakers will take notice. If Kaiyun experiences success, the Pickman will encounter fierce competition. Additionally, governments and corporations overwhelmingly back clean transportation projects. Subsidies on zero-emissions vehicles continue to lure investment dollars. However, what works in one country doesn’t necessarily work in another. Nevertheless, clean transportation and the use of lithium-ion batteries seem to be universally beneficial. As technology progresses, so too will adoption. Here’s to the Pickman’s success.

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