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Battery Storage Systems Replace Gas Plants

Utility-Scale Battery Storage Systems an Alternative to Coal, Gas

Increasingly, governments and businesses look for ways to reduce emissions. Evidently, utility-scale battery storage systems offer a convincing alternative to traditional energy sources.

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Storing power in large lithium-ion batteries, grid storage has taken off. Consequently, the United States considers the technology a viable alternative to coal and gas power plants.

Granted, the technology underlying these systems still needs work. Nevertheless, successful examples of widespread use exist.

Lithium-Ion Batteries Power Communities

battery storageCurrently, the homes of over 2 million Delhi, India residents are powered by a massive battery storage installation.

Ultimately, grid storage applications will allow electricity companies to save big. Consequently, the portability and impressive electricity-storage capabilities are a huge draw.

Extracting power from solar panels, warmer climates have a decided advantage.


Clean Energy Push Embraces Battery Storage

battery storageNevertheless, a lot of investment dollars are being pumped into Li-Ion battery R&D. More sophisticated batteries could stretch stored energy further. Evidently, Li-Ion cells will soon require very little sunlight to power entire city grids.

Many industries fixate on battery storage technology. Firstly, the electric car movement hinges on Li-Ion technology. Similarly, most of the world’s electronics rely on the battery to power smartphones and laptops.

Ultimately, utility-scale battery storage applications will soon popularize across the developed world. As governments, automakers and technology companies research Li-Ion batteries, sustainable energy could power entire communities.

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