Alexa EV

Alexa EV Integration Championed by Rivian

Virtual Assistants on the Road with Alexa EV Integration

Nearly 25% of American homes have a smart speaker. Evidently, there is public buy-in around virtual assistants. American automaker Rivian has taken notice. Consequently, the company invests in Amazon Alexa EV integration. Reportedly, it will roll out with the company’s clean transportation line.

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Alexa EVThe company’s RT1 – an electric pickup – was recently showcased with Alexa EV integration. The most exciting part of the demo came when a representative opened the hood with their voice.

Granted, it will take some time for this technology to become common in vehicles. Moreover, translating the virtual assistant experience for mobile use is a challenge.

Open the Hood – Hands-Free

After all, in-home smart speaker functionality benefits from their stationary nature. Consequently, creating a similar experience for an on-the-go user is something else entirely.

Nevertheless, Rivian and Amazon will test the waters. Currently, Alexa EV integration hasn’t been discussed beyond voice command functionality.

Moreover, the technology is in its infancy. Although it’s highly probable virtual assistants will eventually play a large part of life on the road, a lack of competition stonewalls innovation.

Era of Innovation Grips Auto Industry

Alexa EVGranted, this isn’t to say the auto industry isn’t innovative. On the contrary, the electric era asks players to be more innovative than at any time post-WWII.

On a weekly basis, more automakers and governments embrace cars that run on lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, billions are poured into R&D research supporting this change.

Therefore, Rivian’s Alexa EV integration isn’t much of a gamble. After all, a tornado of changes grips the auto industry.

Successfully incorporating voice command tech is a competitive advantage. As a result, expect more automakers to follow Rivian’s lead.

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