German lithium investment

German Lithium Investment in South America

German Lithium Investment Challenges Chinese Dominance

China owns half of the world’s lithium supply. Additionally, its electric vehicle industry is unmatched. Ultimately, western powers lag behind China in these areas. However, a major German lithium investment in South America changes things.

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German lithium investmentIn December 2018, Germany and Bolivia agreed to a partnership. As a result, the European power now has access to a vast Bolivian lithium deposit. Consequently, president Evo Morales (below, pictured with Angela Merkel) chose a family-run company over his country’s biggest non-institutional lender. In the end, German firm ACI Systems won the bid.

With an Eye on Sustainability

In the past 2 years, China’s invested $4.2 billion in South America. Furthermore, its Belt & Road Initiative makes lithium investing a priority. Moreover, the communist state owns 60% of global battery production capacity.

Meanwhile, the German lithium investment will reduce the country’s reliance on Asian battery makers. Additionally, it’ll enable the country to speed up domestic EV production.

German lithium investmentLithium a Hot Commodity

Ultimately, Morales chose Germany because of its commitment to sustainability. Like Argentina, lithium in Bolivia is primarily sourced through brine mining. However, the eco-friendly method uses brine pools to surface lithium deposits. The practice relies on sunlight.

Meanwhile, competitors (including Australia) source lithium through environmentally destructive means. Hard rock mining involves blasting the earth with explosives. As a result, automakers and governments alike lean toward South American brine mining. Expect more western investment in this region.

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