diesel gas sales

Diesel Gas Sales Plummet in Norway

Global clean energy leader sees a huge drop in diesel gas sales

Yes, another story praising Norway’s clean energy prowess. Indeed, the incredibly eco-friendly country seems to dominate sustainability headlines. As Norwegians go green, national diesel gas sales plummet in the Scandinavian nation.

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Evidently, the fact that electric outpaces gas auto sales is taking a financial toll on oil producers. Ultimately, diesel gas sales have fallen by 95% across Norway since 2013.

diesel gas sales

The Norwegian government has masterfully shifted national transportation in a green direction. Subsidies benefit both producers and consumers.

Clean up consumer habits

Consequently, the nation has seen a steep decrease in demand for traditional engines. This has forced established automakers to rethink their fleet offerings.

Specifically, sales for premium diesel vehicles have fallen off a cliff. Instead, drivers favour high-range battery EVs.

Over 150,000 plug-in cars are sold in Norway, annually. This represents 55% of all sales.

diesel gas salesGlobal energy implications

Moreover, global auto sales are beginning to follow Norway’s lead. Granted, just 3% of all US sales are electric.

Nevertheless, things are moving in a sustainable direction, as the Li-Ion batteries that EVs use to store power get billions in R&D funding. This is a global trend that has implications beyond the automotive industry. Similarly, the aviation industry has begun to explore the potential of emission-free planes.

Ultimately, Norway offers a sustainability path that other countries can follow.

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