EV Record

EV Record: Man Travels 33 Countries

Man Sets EV Record with 3 Year Trip

A Dutchman has set an EV record. Evidently, he’s set a global standard for clean transportation tech. Wiebe Wakker set off on a 3-year voyage in 2016. It spanned 33 countries and involved over 59,000 miles.

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Part of the Plug Me In Project, Wakker used exclusively vehicles powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Surprisingly, he didn’t opt for a Tesla Model X. Moreover, he didn’t even use a luxury EV. Instead, he traveled the globe in an electric station wagon.

Inspiring a Global Standard

EV RecordAffectionately called the “Blue Bandit”, Wakker’s trip was by no means stress-free. Evidently, he ran into many problems. After all, EV charging stations are few and far between in the Australian countryside.

Consequently, he relied on friendly strangers. He went only where people could offer him a charging station.

Amazingly, he spent no more than $300 on electricity throughout the trip. Granted, much of it was covered by intrigued strangers who followed his travels online.

Most of the trip took place in the Australian outback.

Li-ion Batteries Prove Very Effective

EV RecordUltimately, his goal was to spread electric vehicle awareness. He chronicled his adventures on social media and ended up setting a second EV record.

Last year, he traveled 606 miles on a single charge in a Tesla Model 3.

Evidently, the lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles are pushed to the limit by trailblazers like Wakker. Moreover, the underlying technology benefits. Soon, Wakker’s journey won’t seem to wacko.

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