Genesis Mint

Genesis Mint An Inspiring Concept Car

Genesis Mint Concept Car A Favourite Among Urban Environmentalists

Electric vehicles are slowly taking over the automotive industry. However, manufacturers haven’t agreed on how the ‘ideal’ EV should look. As a result, concept cars like the Genesis Mint are the talk of car shows.

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This was the case at the New York International Auto Show. There, a small two-door green vehicle separated itself from the competition with its truly unique design. Ultimately, parent company Hyundai Motor Group has positioned Genesis as an EV manufacturer for urban environmentalists.

Moreover, urban environmentalists who like to arrive in style.

Genesis Mint

A Concept Car that Belongs in the City

The Genesis Mint has a short sedan-shaped body that makes it easy to navigate a city’s congested roads. Furthermore, its compact size makes nabbing that last charging station spot a tad easier.

Additionally, it’s 100% battery-powered. It can travel over 200 miles on a single charge and will support 350kW quick charging.

Evidently, it’s perfect for those not planning on leaving the city. Plus, a pair of rear doors open skyward when its time to load groceries.

Automotive Industry Electrifies – in a Fashionable Way

Genesis MintBasically, the Genesis Mint looks like a supercar. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely it’ll ever be available for purchase.

Nevertheless, its design is inspiring. Most of the world’s largest automakers invest heavily in EV technology. Volkswagen even announced that failing to prioritize plug-in models is bad for business.

Moreover, concept cars of this nature prove that electric vehicles aren’t a fad. Inevitably, they will become more popular (and more efficient) than gas-powered equivalents.

Today, we dream. Tomorrow, we drive 2-seater electric vehicles through city streets.

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